15 Minute Guide to Writing Top Class Ads for Web Boards

Please note. While this article is written for the New Zealand market, the principles apply equally to anywhere in the World.

Writing a Job Ad can be a daunting task especially if you don’t feel you have any flair for this sort of thing.

Never fear, it can be reduced down to a simple set of processes which I will explain here. Following these instructions you will be able to write an effective ad that will  ae888 attract the Candidates that you are looking for and minimise the replies from unsuitable Candidates.

Be aware that writing job ads is like advertising in general, everybody has a different opinion on what works and what doesn’t, these processes have been honed over many years of attracting excellent Candidates for specific jobs.

The Candidate

Before we start writing we must first understand the kind of Candidate we are looking for. It sounds obvious but in a lot of cases it’s the job that gets focused on, not the person that you want to do the job. When writing, try to imagine who you are looking for, the sort of characteristics they will have (be that be personality, education, qualifications or experience) and what will attract them.

A lot of ad writers believe, perhaps arrogantly, that good Candidates will be falling over themselves to work for their company. I feel it is best to assume that the person you are looking for does not necessarily want to work for you unless you ‘sell them’ on your position and company, after all you are after the best that you can get, within a budget.

Job Boards and How They Work.

Title and brief description.

The likes of SEEK and TradeMe, unlike a printed ad, show the Candidates the Job Title (or ad headline) and a very brief synopsis.

These are critical in grabbing good Candidates attention and making them ‘click through’ to the actual ad, if you can’t grab their attention here then they are never going to apply.

The Ad:

This is where you get to expand on the role. We usually break this down into 5 specific areas

  • A brief description of the Company and the Role.
  • An “Are You/Do You” section
  • What’s in it for the Candidate.
  • Description of the Role.
  • Call to action

Job classification and location.

This is where you get to choose the industry that ad is tied to and of course where the job is located.



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