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One of the most popular – and judging from the results, very effective – method you can choose in order to quit smoking for good is the stop smoking shot. This FDA approved approach is essentially an injection given by a physician. The stop smoking shot reportedly has helped over 80% of its users overcome nicotine addiction, by allowing its recipients to bypass the dreaded withdrawal and stop smoking for good.

When news of this method first hit the scene, it was clearly great news to millions of smokers worldwide who have tried to quit smoking repeatedly only to fail again and again.

For any long term smoker who knows what nicotine withdrawal feels like, the stop smoking shot is a miracle. To be able to make one visit to a doctor, get a quick injection, and never crave a cigarette again is a medical miracle and a dream come true for smokers everywhere.

The process, of course, involves a bit more than that. Remember that it is just one tool, but a major one, and when used in combination with other tools and a positive mindset towards quitting smoking, the results can be near a 100% success rate. No one can make you quit. But for someone who wants to quit and is looking for an easy way to do so without having the pain of withdrawal and a long term program that involves cutting down bit by bit, the stop smoking injection is all one can ask for.

It’s very important to understand the the stop smoking shot mainly solves the physical addiction, but that the physical addiction is only one side of the problem. One must realize that both sides of the addiction must be conquered in order to fully quit smoking for good. The other side of the coin is that there huge psychological component to cigarette smoking, a mental addiction. smoke out

Sometimes, the psychological addiction is sometimes more difficult to surmount than the physical addiction is. But more often than not, the physical addiction which looms invisible in the brain is what reinforces the psychological addiction, making it the most difficult obstacle in quitting. Fortunately, this is exactly the obstacle the stop smoking shot is effective at removing.

It takes both discipline and patience to successfully defeat the psychological addiction, the mental craving for a cigarette. Every time you see a friend smoke one you want to join them. The social factor of smoking is a strong component of addiction, but it is purely mental. If you are ready to make the mental commitment to quit smoking for good, the stop smoking injection can take care of the other half of the problem, allowing you to achieve your goal much more smoothly and without nearly as much withdrawal pain.

Many ex-smokers and physicians recommend simply taking a five minute mental break before each cigarette each time you have a craving to smoke. This is enough time for you to take control of your feelings, rather than letting the cravings having control over you. You must be strong; addiction is a difficult demon but you can put it away for good.


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