The Proper Care Of A Granite Countertop

The reason why the granite countertop need to be sealed is to make it non-porous. Granite may be the second hardest natural stone from diamond but it’s also porous and it can absorb moisture. After sealing your countertop you can then go ahead and wipe it using water without worrying about staining it.

It’s advisable to use seek professional services to do the wax sealing. Waxing your granite is similar to how you wax a car. You apply a thin layer of wax to the granite and use a circular motion to get the wax down into the pours. To remove the wax you use steel wool. Depending on the type of granite I will usually start with 0# to get the majority of the wax off then switch to 000# to remove the finer wax particles. For marble and softer stones I would only use 000#. If you are not sure what to use always use 000#  granite countertops  steel wool to be safe. Some people say that car wax will do the same thing. It will not car wax is not food safe and it will not bring the granite to a nice shine.

Sealing should be done annually and with the recommended sealer for granite. If you have a light color granite the wax will be color less. If you have a darker color granite the wax will be black. Never use the black wax on a light color granite. You can use the color less wax on darker granite but for best results use the black wax on darker granite. After the waxing is complete your countertop is ready to be used and the granite will look amazing.

If you ever notice your granite looking dull just like your car, just apply a coat of wax to it and it will shine like new.

The next maintenance practice is weekly polishing. Polishing is done to give your countertop a shiny glass like look. Polishing should be done once a week using a soft piece of cloth in a gentle circular motion until you achieve a high shine. Before you begin polishing you need to make sure the countertop is completely dry. You should also adopt the habit of wiping any spillage on the countertop because they can cause a stain if left for long periods of time. Substances that you need to wipe as soon as possible are coffee, fruit juice, oil, tomato sauce and other acidic substances like vinegar. Granite may be the toughest material that can withstand scratching but it’s not advisable test it by using it as a cutting board for it will end up dulling your knives.

You also need to pay close attention to the type of cleaning solution you are using, it’s always better to use cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. You need to avoid acidic and other harsh cleaners because they can have adverse reaction with the sealer applied. Some of the cleaning products you can use are, acetone, ammonia, mineral spirit and bleach if you are dealing with an oil based stain. For food stains like coffee, tomato sauce or fruit juice use cleaning products that contains hydrogen peroxide. These are some of the ways to properly care for your granite countertops and if you do this regularly then your granite countertop will last for a very long time and maintain that beautiful shiny outlook.

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